Seduce/诱 2009 Video


Edition of 5 + AP





Fish, as an animal has very important and complex symbolic meaning.  In China there is a tradition that if one dreams of fish, it means he or she will have prosperity in the days to come.  The reason behind this is Fish, Yu 鱼 in Chinese carries the same pronunciation as “plenty”余 or “richness”裕. In the west, fish, as an animal is also associated with ideas of sex, because of their movements in the water.  There are other people who relate fish, especially those who live in deep water, to the lowest and most basic reactions of human beings, in other words basic instinct and sub consciousness.

So “fish” interest me a great deal since long time ago.

Here I am presenting a series of images of fishes, which are kept in fish tanks in restaurants.  These fish as they are swimming in the water everyday, in their most seductive movements, they are waiting to be eventually chosen and be cooked into dishes and brought to the customers table. Their expressions and energy which they project are complex – a Carrefour of Greed, Lust, Seduction and Desperation.

Similar to “Hunt”, this is a piece of work in which I would like to pay attention to simple things that we see everyday to present the abnormality of the normal.

Installation with 4 individual video clips

Video1:Silent-5”loop-Fish Head

Video2:Silent-35”loop-Fish Body

Video3:Silent-34”loop-Fish Tail

Main Video4:Stereo Sound-3’50”

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