Moonlight/赏月 2010 Video

4′05″ presented together with “Sunrise & Sunset”

Edition of 5 + AP

In metropolitan cities, we live in gigantic structures of steel and concrete, we spend day after day, night after night in these hard and cold spaces. Mundane and repetition are means to fill our days in pursuing lifetime goals.

Yet space is not always bound to reality, it is also induced from emotions, imagination and psychological urge. Enjoying “sunrise”, “sunset” and appreciating the “moonlight” become part of our romantic urban quotidian.

In Chinese, sun and moon construct the word “Ri Yue” meaning “time”; when sun and moon are together to construct one word, it means “light”. This piece is really about time and our pursuit for light and hope in time.

To me, to live is to exist in-between despair and hope.

Installation Plan

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