Hydroponics 水培人 2013

C-Print / Rice Paper 艺术微喷/宣纸雕刻

Edition of 6 + AP

Located 400 kilometers from Africa and 1500 kilometers from Europe, Madeira is a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, an autonomous region of Portugal.  It takes up to three or four transfers by airplane from China.  This is the result of a field research on local Chinese communities on this island.  Each person chose a particular position towards the camera representing his/her choice of “staying” or “leaving” as well as ”past”,  “present” or “future”. Hydroponics metaphorically describes this state of having one’s roots in water and living without soil while reflecting on social migration in the contemporary society.  The artist chooses to find a balance between her personal experience and objective perspective of the issue in question.





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