Flaming Mingos 火鸟

Flaming Mingos 火鸟 2007-2009 Photography


Edition of 8 + AP

A few years ago, I wrote this text, it is meant to be lyrics for  a song, but never found someone to write the music to it.  Eventually I made this series of photos to go with the text.


Flaming Mingos  (lyrics/poetry 2006)

When you cross the line of 66 degrees north,

Exactly how many times did you dream?

Snowflakes explode in the sky

Shake hands with evil

Until the day is over

Crooked rain flows in the dustbin

Flaming Mingos arrive in town

Flaming…Flaming …Mingos

Flaming Mingos arrive in town.

Some people drink black coffee in the morning

The blue coat is still around the morning after

Breath hazes the glass window

Say hi, my dear brother

No one has the drive way forever

You are Flaming Mingos

Flaming… Flaming…Mingos…

You are Flaming Mingos

Constant happiness hides under the Christmas tree

If only love no longer fades away

Sesame oil floats in E major

Sing along Mr. Postman

Baby deers change their outfits

We are Flaming Mingos

Flaming.. Flaming..Mingos,

We are Flaming Mingos.

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