An Egg’s Dream

An Egg’s Dream 鸡蛋的梦想2014 Installation/Video

The Chinese have a saying, “to hit the rock with an egg” meaning sure to lose, or exposing obvious fragility of oneself. Here, the idea is to fulfill an egg’s dream of becoming a rock. The artist asked an art student to slowly paint every single egg into rocks, the process is tedious and long and took place over a few days. The video shows the actual process, and the pile of eggs is the final product of this process/performance. By turning into rocks, the eggs also slowly lose their fertility and liveliness.

中国有句俗语“鸡蛋碰石头”这是体现鸡蛋变成石头的梦想。影像纪录了 一位年轻人,慢慢把所有的鸡蛋画成石头的冗长过程, 最终留下的是一 堆鹅卵石,而鸡蛋也在这个过程中失去了它们的生命力。

Installation Dimension/装置尺寸 40cmx40cmx35cm; Edition of 5 + AP
Video/影像 1hour39mins Edition of 5 + AP

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