超文本 Hypertext

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Glad to participate in the recent exhibition “Hypertext” by The Door and Intelligentsia Gallery in Beijing.



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Via Paris & SFE Opening at Palais de Tokyo 中国艺术家视频艺术专场在巴黎东京宫

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VIA Paris 当代艺术协会与德国SFE TV 艺术频道于3月30日下午17h00 在巴黎东京宫Tokyo Eat 举办 中国艺术家视频艺术专场开幕活动

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The Yellow Ones Are Mine/黄颜色的是我的 Exhibition at Intelligentsia Gallery 智先画廊展览

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yellow-ones-are-mine_intelligentsia-gallery_3543Borrowing its title from an eponymous piece by Elsie Yi Shen, ‘The Yellow Ones are Mine’ explores aesthetic strategies and conceptual bridges employed to transform and reclaim bodies, objects, mediums, thought-figures and processes. Through grasping gaze and alchemistic power, each of the works in the exhibition executes a conceptual transformation, from the extraction of commonplace objects and phrases, to the manipulation of images of the corporeal, from time-based painting of geometric colour fields, to performative selection of all the yellow balloons and painting the remaining ones as an act of conceptual appropriation.

Curated by Garcia Frankowski, the forty seventh international exhibition presents photography, artifacts, and painting to dissect the processes of accumulation, repetition, transformation and documentation inherent to the production and realization of everyday (or non-everyday) projects, as everything is transformed, reticulated and painted in order to declare ‘The Yellow Ones are Mine’.


策展人 Garcia Frankowski,这第47个展览将展示摄影,物件,绘画来探讨积累,重复的过程,转换和记录等存在于平凡日常生活中的制造和完成。所有的东西都被转化,被编织,被涂写,从而来宣称 “黄颜色的是我的”。

Opening Sunday, July 26th., 2015 18h00 开幕:2015年7月26日 下午6点

Art Museum of Nanjing University of Arts(AMNUA)南京艺术学院美术馆展览

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Outsourcing as an imitation of life

AMNUA INTERNATIONAL PROJECT-IN | OUT SOURCE opening commences December 10th and closes January 20th, 2015, in AMNUA

As one of the fastest growing contemporary art museums in China, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts (AMNUA) proudly presents International Project – In|Outsource. It consists of twenty-two international artists with over 150 pieces art-works/productions.

The exhibition premise can be interpreted as many forms of “outsourcing” selected artists make connections with cause and effects of outsourcing – directing perceptions from “out” source and reflects back inward toward the original source (humanity), aimed to the core of desire asking two simple questions: are we extensions of our own goods and services, and collectively, are we outsourcing our everyday lives unbeknownst to ourselves?

The international project appeals to viewers in hopes that they might consider their relationship to opulence, with sincerity.

waibao show posters(AMNUA), Nanjing, China

Opening Ceremony & Press Conference (Artists Performances included)
10th Dec. 2014 3:00pm – 4:30pm
Coffee House &Hall N0.3, AMNUA, NANJING, 15 Hu Ju North Road, Nanjing

纽约工作室开放日/Open Studio NYC

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Quasi-Connection Exhibition, Yuan Dian Museum, Beijing/展览《浅关系》元典美术馆,北京

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Quasi-Connection 浅关系 元典美术馆 Yuan Dian Museum

Quasi-Connection 浅关系
元典美术馆 Yuan Dian Museum

Quasi-Connection 浅关系
元典美术馆 Yuan Dian Museum
Opening Oct 20th., 2013, 15h00 开幕式 2013年10月20日 15h00

Journey of a Thousand Miles CAFA Museum/中央美术学院美术馆千里之行展览

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CAFA Museum: Journey of a Thousand Miles/ From June 25th – August 18th.


Varley Art Gallery of Markham Group Show

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Date: 24/05/2012 – 03/09/2012

Opening: Thursday, May 24th 7-9pm

Participating artists: Sara Angelucci and Han Xu, John Armstrong and Paul Collins, Cathy Busby, Gang Chen, Brendan Fernandes, Nan Hao, Ming Hon, Knowles Eddy Knowles, Laiwan, Minjeong Oh, Ed Pien, Shen Yi Elsie, Laurens Tan, Xiaojing Yan, and Zhang Zhaohui

(Da bao)(Takeout) is an attempt to locate a cross-cultural and social dynamic between China and the West, specifically Canada, by focusing on artists who investigate, adapt and instill ideas from abroad into their practices, while appreciating the unavoidable slippages that occur in the transference of ideas from one ethnicity to another. The selected artists explore ironic, metaphoric, humorous and even cynical perspectives on the import and export of people, cultures and ideas.

Culture in general, can be regarded as a system of delivering ideas from one of group of people to another. In this way, (Da bao)(Takeout) addresses the metaphorical concept of delivery and interpretation of cultural identity. Artworks from both countries challenge and play with the different cultural conventions and restrictions that exist between East and West.

The seventeen artists in this exhibition are a mix of second-generation or third-generation Chinese-Canadians, Chinese who have travelled abroad to study art, and Canadians who have travelled to China for residencies or exhibitions. They share the experience of being “taken out” of familiar contexts and encountering a strikingly different culture. While their individual voices each occupy a unique position, collectively, they speak to issues of cultural transference, highlighting the gaps, distances and misunderstandings inherent in communication across cultural divides.

Varley Art Gallery

216 Main St.

Unionville, ON


participating make8elieve.com first issue

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电子出版物 make8elieve 首刊《恐龙》问世了, 我的录像作品 《Hunt觅》收入此刊,观看需要翻墙。

MAKE8ELIEVE is an online magazine, born of a collaboration between two artists, Michelle Marie Murphy (Ohio) and Baptiste Lefebvre (a.k.a. Cetusss) (Switzerland). With MAKE8ELIEVE, we’d like to build international connections by publishing creative interpretations of one topic per issue. We believe we can organize an intelligent, challenging, and well designed magazine with contemporary and unusual topics.

“Life is Elsewhere” Dali Photo Festival Exhibition Hall 云南大理“生活在别处”展览现场

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This time I chose to exhibit the actual size polaroid series “Expired Landscape” taken with the original polaroid SX-70 from 2007 – 2010.

exhibition dali photofest 01

exhibition dali photofest 02