The Yellow Ones Are Mine/黄颜色的是我的 Exhibition at Intelligentsia Gallery 智先画廊展览

July 12th, 2015 § 0 comments § permalink

yellow-ones-are-mine_intelligentsia-gallery_3543Borrowing its title from an eponymous piece by Elsie Yi Shen, ‘The Yellow Ones are Mine’ explores aesthetic strategies and conceptual bridges employed to transform and reclaim bodies, objects, mediums, thought-figures and processes. Through grasping gaze and alchemistic power, each of the works in the exhibition executes a conceptual transformation, from the extraction of commonplace objects and phrases, to the manipulation of images of the corporeal, from time-based painting of geometric colour fields, to performative selection of all the yellow balloons and painting the remaining ones as an act of conceptual appropriation.

Curated by Garcia Frankowski, the forty seventh international exhibition presents photography, artifacts, and painting to dissect the processes of accumulation, repetition, transformation and documentation inherent to the production and realization of everyday (or non-everyday) projects, as everything is transformed, reticulated and painted in order to declare ‘The Yellow Ones are Mine’.


策展人 Garcia Frankowski,这第47个展览将展示摄影,物件,绘画来探讨积累,重复的过程,转换和记录等存在于平凡日常生活中的制造和完成。所有的东西都被转化,被编织,被涂写,从而来宣称 “黄颜色的是我的”。

Opening Sunday, July 26th., 2015 18h00 开幕:2015年7月26日 下午6点