Fake Magazine Column “Story” publishes “Honey Moon” 假杂志故事之六 No. 6 发表我的作品“蜜月旅行”

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『故事』第六集:沈怡 STORY 6: Shen Yi

文/言由 text by Yan You


Photographer Shen Yi Elsie graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University in 1996, and spent one more year in Chicago Columbia College till 1997. Then she went to France for several years. She now works and lives in Beijing. Her experience outside China for so many years makes her quite different in the idea on photography. So I invited her to talk about her Honey Moon series. Recording not her own experience, as I thought before, this series is from her imagination about a beautiful time. I think this is the most fictional story since the STORY column.


照片洗出来后,不知为什么,我常拿出来看,总觉得他们有什么故事要讲。我想像他们如何畅游巴黎,如何继续自己的生活。蜜月旅行是我想像中的这对新人或任何一对新人的一次旅行,一次有点类似大卫・林奇电影中的旅行。每个人都有自己希望的蜜月旅行,如果让我选,蜜月该是一次去到世界尽头的旅行。 所以,这个系列是完全虚构的。其实,这个虚构的旅行也似乎是虚构的。或许只是一个梦。

但它是一个永远真实的梦,比如其中有一张是雪地里的“2006.5” 这么几个字,应该是2006年5月的意思,是一种见证。这几个雪地里的字不是我写的,有人写了这么几个字,写这几个字的人一定是寻求对某件事情的见证。或许就是对另一对恋人的爱情的见证,我拍了下来,用在我的故事里,或许是虚构的。但它作为“见证”是再真实不过了。



One day when I passed Notre Dame de Paris, there was a wedding ceremony. The couple, in a little vintage, is obviously from Italy or Spain. The groom, seeing my camera on my chest, asked me to take a photo for them. I agreed heartily. After that he lept up to see the photo, and felt a little disappointed to find that my camera is a plastic toy one.

After the photo coming out, I always took out to see it and found that they had some stories to tell. I imagined how they wandered Paris and how they continued their life. Honeymoon trip is, in my imagination, a trip of this couple or any couple, a trip like those in David Lynch’s films. Everyone has a honeymoon trip in his mind. For me, in the honeymoon we shall go to the end of the world. So this series is completely imaginary. Actually this fictional trip seems imaginary too. Maybe it’s just a dream.

However, it is a dream true forever. For example, in a photo there was “2006.5″ on the snow, meaning May 2006. It was a witness. These words were not by me. The person writing these words were seeking a witness to some thing. Perhaps it witnessed the love of another couple. I put it in my fictional story. But, as a witness, it couldn’t be truer.

Each viewer will react diffferently with his/her experience. What I want to know is, how these viewers think. For example, about the last picture, some one saw the person he loved alone; some one said it was loneliness in affection; some other one said it was his/her lonely lover when he/she left the world.

Everyone wants to know what the dream means when he wakes up, so he asks others around. The series is a dream, and I am the dreamer.

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full text: http://blog.jiazazhi.com/2011/04/story-6-shen-yi/

full works: http://shen.studio/works/honey-moon