CUBE Photography Show “The Blue Book” 方块展现场 《蓝皮书》

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Exhibition Continues until Oct 17th, 2009.  Please stop by and send comments!

和澳门策展人Erik Kuong 讨论作品

方块 CUBE,From Belgium to China 三里屯摄影展 Photography Exhibition

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Photography Exhibition 25 September to 15 October 2009. at The Village at Sanlitun 摄影展览 | 2009年9月25日至10月15日 三里屯Village南

With 分别是赵超 Zhao Chao Olivier Cornil 欧立业 康尼 杨大为 Yang Dawei 葛芳 Ge Fang 刘钢 Liu Gang Aurore Genicq 欧乐 杰尼卡 Lionel Samain 隆尼  沈怡 SHEN Yi Elsie Gregory Van Bellinghen 古国 Franky Verdickt 富兰克 沃迪特

CUBE | From Belgium to China showcases 5 promising Chinese and 5 up and coming Belgian photographers. Their unusual but realistic pictures about their respective homelands – Belgium and China – are on display to the general public.

Held at one of Beijing’s premier outdoor public spaces, the South side of The Village at Sanlitun, 30 huge light box cubes are set up and create a unique outdoor photography gallery freely accessible for everybody. Each photographer will offer the viewer his or her homeland impressions on 3 cubes.

CUBE is a project where sociological and ethical concerns confront modernity; it is a trip to a dreamland; CUBE | From Belgium to China features images staged or captured instantly by young talents from varied and vastly different photographic universes.

The exhibition is organized by Etworc and G2 Studio, and in association with the Embassy of Belgium and the newly opened Délégation Wallonie – Bruxelles en Chine. The exhibition is also a celebration of the new Ambassador of Belgium to China, H.E. Mr. Patrick Nijs. In addition, it announces the Europalia.China Festival in Belgium, the 4‐month leading European Festival dedicated to the best of Chinese art and culture.

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方块| 从比利时到中国展出5个很有前途的中国摄影师以及5个比利时摄影师的作品。他们的不平常的但又符合实际的作品展示给大众。这些作品主要是关于他们各自的家乡-比利时和中国。


方块是一个社会学,伦理学与现代交汇的的项目。它是一次去往理想国度的旅行。 方块| 从比利时到中国展示的是年轻有为的摄影师从不同的摄影角度抓拍到的图片。

这次展览是与比利时驻北京大使馆和瓦隆-布鲁塞尔代表团合作,由Etworc和G2 Studio主办的。此次展览也是对新任比利时驻中国大使Patrick Nijs奈斯大使先生的祝贺。届时他会宣布为期四个月的欧洲重要的节日-“比利时欧罗巴利亚.中国文化节”,展示最好的中国艺术与文化的欧洲文化节。

A photo exhibition “CUBE∣From Belgium to China” officially opened on September 24, in Sanlitun Village in Beijing. The new Ambassador of Belgium to China, H.E Mr. Patrick Nijs and Mr. Marc Kohen, Delegate of the French-speaking Community addressed to the opening ceremony.

The photo exhibition showed an outdoor cultural journey through Belgium and China, as seen through the eyes of ten young and talented photographers: Olivier Cornil, Ge Fang, Aurore Genicq, Liu Gang, Lionel Samain, SHEN Yi Elsie, Gregory Van Bellinghen, Franky Verdickt, Yang Dawei, Zhao Chao.

在实验:智性于意志的重申-2009年798艺术节青年艺术家推荐展 Re-experimentation of enlightenment and will-2009 798Art Festival Young Artists Nomination Show

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